Content below clarify how we at use your personal information.

1. Personal data controller

For all the data clarified in this content we are fully responsible as company Northbond AB. When it comes to payment data, the responsible party is Klarna. You are sharing your payment information true Klarna Checkout when you pay for your watch.

In this content we will try to explain how, where and when we extract your personal information. At northbond we cherish integrity and we truly respect your time and privacy as our own. No unnecessary data will be held, what we will store is just in the purpose to maintain and develop our brand. All the data will not be held longer then needed, definitely not longer then legally permitted. Of course if you not agree your minimum data to be held, just let us know, we will delete it!

2. Your personal data is used as and at:

General statistics
Nortbond is using general information based on your behavior when on site, processed true Google analytics. Information collected such as which parts of the site have you visited, how long have your visit lasted, if the visit leaded to a purchase and if so which watch have you bought. We also collect some data regarding to your location, please have in mind that all personal data collected is undefined/anonymous. We use Facebook pixel for behavior and target marketing. Facebook pixel will collect information regarding your usage on our service via tracking pixel. We use tools above to be able to develop and maintain our business, for your better and personalized experience.
Collected data is being stored 26 months from extraction.

Purchase information
We extract your name and contact information (address, telephone number, email) when buying on our site. Payment data completely is processed by Klarna. Your contact information is used for delivery, so that we would be able to ship to you, your purchased goods.
Your data is used until the purchase agreement is complete. Later data being stored 26 months from extraction, for us to be able properly deal with complaints and warranty.
When buying a watch from you need to complete a purchase agreement.

We will provide you with relevant offers and information about our product and services during and after you visit at northbond. To be able to provide you with this information we will need to process your personal information. Your data is stored 26 months from collection.

From your personal data we extract information such as name, contact and statistic usage (click/opening statistic), if you subscribe to our newsletter.
You can end your subscription to our newsletter at any time, easy, just follow the relevant URL address in the newsletter e mail, or contact us. In order to subscribe to our newsletter you need to consent. Your information is being processed until you chose to revert your consent.

Customer service
When you contact our customer service, regarding matters such as: assistance in completing our purchase agreement, complaint or return we extract your personal data in order to be able to assist you as best as possible. Information that is being extracted is name, contact, order history and from which browser device are you visiting. In communication we may ask you additional question that are just in genuine interest to assist the best way possible. Your data is being processed as long as your case is progress. Your data is being stored 26 months after the case is closed.


When you visit our web page, we extract your location information. Depending on your country we will provide the page partly translated to your language if available. To be able to provide you the best and understandable experience possible. Location information is also used to provide you with accurate shipping information. Your location data is known to us only as from which country you visit us. Your data is being stored in Goole analytics for 26 months.

3. We store your personal information at:

Our intention is to try storing your personal information within European Union. Northbond takes all required technical and legal actions when personal information is being stored outside European Union. Action are being taken in order to secure your information is secure and in corresponded level of protection as within European Union. Google and Facebook may store this information on servers located outside of European Union. Google and Facebook are required to handle and store information of this type under EU – US Privacy Shield.

4. We may disclose your personal information.
Only when we have a strong belief that doing so is necessary to :
– comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process from competent authorities;
– protect our customers from spam, fraud, etc. ;
– operate and maintain the security of our Services, including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks;
– protect the rights or property on northbond.

5. Your legal rights as a visitor and a customer are:

– At any time you can apply a request for copy of the personal information we store from you.

– You can contact us to delete your personal information we store. Information we cannot delete is referred in complaints, billing laws and accounting.

– You are entitled to update of your personal information. We want information that we store is up to date, correct and accurate. We can correct or remove your personal information if you consider it not correct.

– Your personal information can be transferred from our IT environment to you or another company. We cannot transfer information we must keep by the law.

– You can revert your consent to share your information by withdraw it. Unsubscribe from the mailing list by contacting us, not to receive mail delivery.

– If you think that your personal information is not being under the GDPR, you can file a complaint with Data Inspection.

5. Cookies use cookies. Read our Cookie Policy content below.


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Privacy policy update will update the content of Privacy policy as needed to be up to date and request. This Policy was created 25.05.2018. This Policy was updated 25.04.2022. When updated we will note here.

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